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Hot Door CADtools for Adobe Illustrator 14.1.3 Full Activated Version 2024


Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in your Adobe Illustrator workflow with Hot Door CADtools 14.1.3. This powerful software brings a comprehensive set of drafting and designing tools directly into the Adobe Illustrator environment, seamlessly integrating into your creative process. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or graphic designer, CADtools enhances your capabilities by providing a wide range of features that enable precise drawing, dimensioning, labeling, and transformation of vector graphics. The full version of CADtools is pre-activated, offering immediate access to a host of advanced tools without the need for additional steps. Elevate your design projects with Hot Door CADtools and unlock a world of precision and creativity within Adobe Illustrator.

Hot Door CADtools 14.1.3 comes packed with extensive features to empower users with advanced drawing and dimensioning capabilities. From creating detailed technical illustrations to effortlessly adding labels and measurements, CADtools streamlines your design process. Enjoy the benefits of dynamic labels that automatically update as your design evolves, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The innovative Live Dimensions feature provides real-time feedback as you modify objects, making it easy to achieve precise layouts. With Hot Door CADtools, users can transform Adobe Illustrator into a powerful CAD application, opening up new possibilities for technical illustration and design projects.


1. Dynamic Labels

Create dynamic labels that automatically update as your design evolves, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in technical illustrations and diagrams.

2. Live Dimensions

Experience real-time feedback with Live Dimensions, providing instant measurements as you modify objects within Adobe Illustrator for precise layouts and designs.

3. Advanced Drawing Tools

Access a comprehensive set of drawing tools, including line tools, shape creation, and transformation options, to enhance your creative capabilities directly within Adobe Illustrator.

4. Dimensioning

Easily add precise dimensions to your drawings with CADtools’ dimensioning tools, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your technical illustrations and designs.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, providing flexibility for users on different platforms.

Adobe Illustrator:

Requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 or later versions, seamlessly integrating with your existing Illustrator environment for a smooth workflow.

Hardware Requirements:

Recommended hardware specifications include a modern, multi-core processor and a sufficient amount of RAM to handle complex vector drawings and designs within Adobe Illustrator.

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